An Interesting Weekend

July 2014

Hey there,

Just wanted to recap on one of the most interesting, jam packed weekends I have had for a long time. Having only been living in Vancouver for 6 days, my buddy and I had to drive 10 hours through the night, straight back to Calgary. I crawled into my girlfriend’s guest room at 7am and napped for a few hours so I could function somewhat normally. It was a little eerie being back in Calgary so soon without having my own place to go to.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.12.48 PM

I didn’t waste any free time while I was in Calgary. I set up a private lesson with one of the top martial artists in Calgary. I have about 15 years of freestyle wrestling experience so I am not afraid of invading an opponent’s personal space, getting slammed to the ground or darting at another persons legs in order to tackle them to the ground. Sweaty, stinky, awkward and painful are not new sensations for me. What I do lack in my stunt repertoire is striking. I’m not saying that I don’t know how to throw a punch or a kick (my 25cent draft night, at Cowboys, University friends would confirm this claim), but I wanted to learn proper technique and choreography for fight scenes. So this MMA (mixed martial arts) coach gave me an hour crash course in the basic punching, kicking and spinning movements. I feel like a picked it up pretty fast and I only accidently kicked my training partner once so I count that as a win.

Later that day I met up with my circus aerials training partner for a 3-hour session. A typical aerials workout tends to include:

  • 30mins of foam rolling & warming up, catching up and complaining about the tiny, pathetic pool of quality, single males (not being spiteful, just factual haha)
  • Another 30mins of specific muscle activation, targeting the many injury-stricken areas on our bodies (prevention is key)
  • 3 sets of maximum pull-ups, leg lifts, handstand movements, inversions, position isolations and our favourite masochistic exercise…splits (where you put your feet in the handles of the straps, and try and balance between them while managing the pain and fear of literally ripping your body in half)
  • specific techniques on the apparatus and combinations are next
  • 20mins of core conditioning and partner stretching

The very next morning we rendezvoused again for another 2-hour session. This one less productive than the other one. I jumped into my car and drove 4 –hours to Cranbrook to rock out solo at my girlfriend’s wedding. The wedding backdrop was beautiful, the bride was glowing and the local fare was delicious as the groom successfully hunted down the main dish himself and bride baked zillion cupcakes for all of the guests. The guest list made provided me with a genuine awkward blast-from-the-past experience. The only people I knew at the event (other than the immediate family) were all previous friendships and relationships that had either faded or been severed. Time went by a little slower without being armed with a trusty sidekick to get absurdly hydrated with table wine while improving upon the attempted “single and fabulous” aura I had going on. The night ended up being pretty fun minus having to sleep in my car (an activity that my 31 year old body did not particularly enjoy).


The rest of the weekend involved a solo drive back to Vancouver with a stop over in Kelowna. I visited and cheered up my pseudo-mom who just began her recovery from cancer surgery. She is actually the one who inspired me to write this blog. Rosie, this one’s for you! One Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities book on CD later and I was back to my new home. Cultured, traveled and relieved. I am so excited to get back to training.

Athlete Inspired.


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