Beaches, commercials and firemen

August 2014

Hey there,

Last week proved to be extremely exciting and productive. My first long weekend in Vancouver did not disappoint. To avoid watching the fireworks on the beach solo, the lovely couple that I am currently living lent me their friends for the evening. It was sort of like a blind date but with 6 strangers instead of 1. The sangria was tasty, the conversation was lively and the fireworks were amazing. So glad I went.


On the Sunday I went for a nice 40 minute run along the sea wall and then met up with two of my circus training partners at Kitsilano beach. Leave it to circus gals to only sit and sunbath for 15 minutes before needing to do something active. We started balancing each other on our hands and our feet (it’s a practice called acro yoga). Before long there were groups of people taking pictures of us and cheering us on as we hit a pose or collapsed into the sand when our balance was just a bit off. This is when things got good. Ladies, you don’t need to put your cat up in a tree to get the attention of firemen. You just need to do a little acro yoga. Our session wrangled the attention of 3 of North Vancouver’s wonderfully buff firemen. Their im-“pec”-able strength allowed for them to pick up the moves quite quickly. There was no greater feeling than that of being hoisted in the air by such a physical specimen. So easy on the eyes too…just saying. A few cold beers at the local pub wrapped up a solid day. Namaste!

This fireman hails all the way from London, ON as well (went to South Secondary)

This fireman hails all the way from London, ON as well (went to South Secondary)

Tuesday brought some great news – my first commercial! My agents booked me for a background role in commercial being filmed in downtown Vancouver. Sounds glamorous, it’s really not. But I loved it! The night before you find out when / where you’ll be, you pack a bag with 3-4 wardrobe options that match their general description and you make sure that you are on time to check-in. Seems easy enough, but when you’re habitually 5-10mins late for everything (seriously everything), it is the hardest part of the whole gig. And when you forget to set your alarm for AM (and set it for PM instead), you wake up in a panic. I managed to get there on time, although I had sweated out my make-up, perfume and freshly straightened hair on the frantic bike ride to set. For the next 10-hours we sat and read, ate glorious amounts of catered food and repeated facial / body reactions take after take. A few wardrobe and scene changes later, I was signing out and biking home. Obviously I will post the commercial when it’s finally out (and be getting a copies for my dad, aunts, uncles, friends, acquaintances, etc so they can watch my blurred out figure walk across the screen).

It felt so good to get that first job. Now I just need another, and another, and another. The ball has officially started rolling.

Athlete Inspired


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