Friends new and old

August 2014

Hey There,

This past week I got on set again. I was walking out of my rental to grab lunch and my agent called and asked if I could be on set within 45mins. As my weekend commercial gig has just been cancelled, I made 2 quick phone calls to reorganize my training schedule, slapped on some makeup and drove down to the Crew Park to check-in. It was a very easy day of work on the set of the RUSH series and I got some very promising advice from a former casting agent. She has been in the industry for over 2 decades and after going over my resume (which I always have on hand with me) said that I need to be in stunts. She proceeded to give the name of 3 principal agencies (they handle some of the special skills work, which can be stunts or things like riding a bicycle or doing cartwheels in a scene) to contact. I immediately added that to my to-do list.

Another highlight for me this past week was going to the Vancouver Canadians baseball game. My friend is a baseball memorabilia fan who also attended some of the ’92, ’93 Toronto Blue Jays games when they were world series champions. I remember going to the SkyDome with my dad and sister, watching the roof close when it started to rain and hoping desperately we would catch a fly ball. The pitcher for the Blue Jays in the early ‘90s was Tom Henke and he just happened to be signing autographs at the Vancouver game when we went. Meeting him sent me on a quick trip down memory lane and before I knew it I was eating a foot long hot dog and singing and dancing during the seventh inning stretch ritual, “Take me out to the ball game”. So cool. Kind of dorky but so cool.


I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting a friend of mine and his wife. They served as excellent tour guides and we maneuvered through the many hot spots of Seattle. In less than 48 hours I managed to:

  • Go for a boat ride past the Univeristy of Washington stadium
  • Eat at the restaurant featured in the movie Sleepless and Seattle
  • Brunch down in the Ballard district
  • Buy fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market
  • Watch the boats pass through the locks
  • Enjoy fish’n chips from the Fish Market
  • A quick microbrewery tasting at the Fremont Brewing Co
  • Go for a run around Green Lake

The most interesting part of the trip was the company. I met this friend of mine while I was traveling in New Zealand. I had just finished my last exam of university and he had just written his bar exam. We bonded over a fellow roommate in our hostel who suffered (well we were actually the ones who suffered) from very loud and disturbing sleep tremors. We toured the city of Taupo for 2 days and then went our separate ways. Since 2008 I have only seen him one other time and we would go months upon months without any communication. But for some reason, when I showed up at his house this past Saturday morning, there was not one odd feeling about it. It was as if we were old high school pals who never missed a beat. His wife is lovely, fun and easy to get along with. I enjoyed getting to know her almost as much as I enjoyed catching up with him. I guess it just goes to show that friendship comes in many shapes and formats and can be just as valuable and rewarding when it’s unconventional.

Speaking of friends, my next journey takes me all the way to Norway where I will be running a 4-day wrestling training camp for their national team. Yay to new friends in new places!

Athlete Inspired


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