Last day in Oslo, tourist in hyperdrive

August 2014

Hey there,

There have been hoards of kids flooding the streets of Norweigan cities on any given weekday due to the teachers being on strike. The policeman / wrestling coach that brought me out here, informed me that they are not asking for more money, they are opposing the contract amendment stating their 2 hours of post-classroom lesson planning is now to be conducted at work instead of at home. The teachers have made the stand that this is an unacceptable job expectation. My father has been very involved with fighting the union bosses in Ontario (not the unions themselves, the incontestable power of the bosses, just to be clear). Being outside of the scope of my blog, and the known sensitivity of the subject, I will keep any socio-political opinions out of this post. It was a very interesting conversation nonetheless, mostly because families in Vancouver are currently experiencing the same difficulties of finding alternative educational, social and other supervised activities for their kids while teachers and the government work things out. Either way, the children certainly seem overjoyed that their summer holidays have been extended.

Ankershus Fortress & Castle

Ankershus Fortress & Castle

Back to my little vacation. My last day in Oslo was very productive from a tourist’s perspective. I felt that I had a lot of sites to see in a very short time. I was like a squirrel on a triple espresso. I’m not much one for tour buses or buses in general so I walked everywhere. After approximately 12 kilometers over 6.5 hours I managed to cover the following:

  • Royal palace with flowered grounds open to the public
  • Statue gardens (spent most of my time doing flag stands on the statues)
  • Museum of civilization (I only went to the free stuff, got the gist of their electoral system)
  • Viking ship museum tour (museum houses 3 ships built around 700A.D.)
  • Sea bus through the harbour
  • City hall & the Nobel Peace Centre (a place that could humble anyone)
  • Akershus Fortress & Castle
  • Top of the Opera house for a final sunset (it’s shaped like an ice burg)
Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum

I really do like making lists and then scratching things off them, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the culture and history more. Reflecting back on the last 10 days, Norway is most certainly a place I would like to return to. I’ve already made another list of the other cities and sites I need to see next time. Flying back to Calgary I feel inspired, refreshed and ready to pursue the stunt industry full force.

Athlete Inspired


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