A time for Mum: setbacks and support

Hey There,

This week was a little rough to be perfectly blunt. I came back from Norway on such a happy high, ready to work super hard only to hit a bit of a roadblock. Have you ever thrown out your back turning around too fast to get cream for your coffee? Because I sure have. That’s what a combination of sitting on a plane for 10 hours, stress tension from making major life decisions and a vulnerable L4/L5 disc will do to a person.

I was definitely tested this week. I couldn’t train, I had to drop out of my pole fitness competition and I officially released my position at my old job back in Calgary. Needless to say, I definitely went through a few, “what the hell am I doing with my life” and “where is my mom to hug me and tell me everything will work out” moments. Although my mother passed away almost a decade ago, I am fortunate enough to have a handful of pretty stellar maternal figures in my life. One being my aunt who has been  my “executive mother” since my mom past and continues to live up to the title. My best friend from high school’s mom, who has been my dedicated advice giver and moral supporter since I met her. Then there’s the “parkour team mom”, who is a very cool, intelligent and wise lady and understands me and all of the hoopla around parkour, circus, and living a slightly unconventional life. And lastly, one of my closest friends since our university days. She is placed in the maternal category because she has a two-year old son (which officially makes her a mom) and she knows me better than anyone else on this planet.

What I’m trying to say is that these ladies keep me in check and this time was no different. After a short cry-fest, I was making a mean batch of lemonade out of some pretty bitter lemons. I accepted a part-time coaching position here in Vancouver, I e-mailed every stunt coordinator that is working on a set right now and took advantage of my 5am jetlag by getting in 3 hours of solid laptop work at a coffee shop every morning. It seems that at the very moment when you decide that things usually happen for a reason that something good and exciting happens to you. My week concluded with me receiving an aerial silks routine from my circus troupe (Once I learn the choreography I will hopefully get to perform it, and my stunt headshots being delivered (the photographer, Andrew Miller is incredibly talented, he made me look like such a bad a$$).

So the lesson learned this week for when things start to crumble is to survive the night of bathtub, wine and Bon Iver and then wake up the next morning and start crushing those lemons. Because lemonade is delicious.

Athlete Inspired


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