Weddings, family & loose ends in Calgary

September 2014

ey There,

The past 10 days was a logistical work of genius. After circus training last week, I drove 1000km in Kobe (my little Toyota hatchback) to Calgary, stopping in Penticton for the night to visit with a close friend. Arriving in Caglary in time for a back-to-back meeting with one of the co-founders for the company we started a year ago and the sports society that I am on the board for, I took a redeye flight to Ontario for a slew of big events.


I had the esteemed honour of being the ceremonial leader of my high school best friends’ wedding to the beautiful lady of his dreams. Never thought that I would “marry” anyone so that incredible experience is being added to and ticked off of my bucket list. The wedding was a stress-free and enjoyable affair, minus the fact that I was the only single lady under 40 there (a rant regarding the mistreatment of independently fabulous single people at weddings to follow).

The flower girl and I pregaming with marshmallows

The flower girl and I pregaming with marshmallows

The following day, I rehydrated as best as I could and picked up my other high school best friend’s fiancé for a 24-hour bachelorette party in Niagra Falls. We shopped, we dined, we drank, we danced. The perfect level of embarrassment for a bride to be. Getting back over the border (as we were on the American side) proved to be much more difficult and adrenaline filled than I had expected. Apparently, the border guards have little sympathy for 3 women who are too exhausted and depleted of electrolytes (let alone surrender the tight grip on their emergency barf bags) to explain where a gifted bottle of champagne came from.

Bridal crew 2014 (bride is second from the left)

Bridal crew 2014 (bride is second from the left) and my biceps look photoshopped haha

The next few days after that I got to spend with my family. My youngest sister is expecting her first child with her husband and my youngest aunt just gave birth to her petite and handsome son. Lots of baby talk and thankfully none in my general direction. I flew back to Calgary with enough time to cram my personal training certification test, 2 filming sessions for the new company, a parkour training session with my varkour ladies at the Breathe space and a handful of short but uplifting visits with most of my favourite people.

After that it was a 10 hour drive straight through the night with nothing but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on CD to keep me awake. Minus a 1-hour nap on the side of the highway after Kamloops and a couple thunder storms, it was smooth sailing. After being out in Vancouver for 3 months, there was 3 things that I could just not live without anymore:

  1. My long, white, fluffy housecoat (essential when sharing a bathroom between 3 people)
  2. My copy of Thomas Crown Affair & The Program (I already brought Princess Bride and an assortment of Disney classics)
  3. My mini frying pan that is perfect for a 3-egg scramble (and easy to clean)

Life just got a whole lot more comfortable

Athlete Inspired


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