My week with the stunt doubles

Background role as a cop on Backstrom tv series

Background role as a cop on Backstrom tv series

Hey There,

Well folks, it happened. I got “the invite” I was hoping for. The first big step into the stunt world. The post-training coffee shop hangout with a leader in the stunt community and all of his students. After training at the Delta gymnastics club for three hours (and well past my bedtime) we all met up for an 11:30pm debrief. I am quickly realizing that this industry does not include many early morning risers. Oh well, it’s well worth becoming a quasi-functioning night owl for.

As my back heals and my positive energy returns I have met a lot of very cool people in the stunt world. All of these people are so excited about what they’re doing, about meeting other people and they’re passions / skills and the energy is just so infectious. I have met a former Australian boxing champ, an elite martial artist and a professional singer. All of whom want to skill trade with me (well the singer realizes there is no hope / desire to develop any sort of vocal talents but she has a vast knowledge of the industry, the process and an extensive network to boot). This process of skill sharing is so unique and contra-competitive. I expected people in the industry to be much more protective of their skills in their grind to the “top” but I was pleasantly surprised to find so many others who understand the value in the creative process of sharing, teaching and growing.

Chilling on set of The Flash with some very cool ladies

Chilling on set of The Flash with some very cool ladies

This past week I have also been an extra on some very cool shows. I was both a market wanderer and train passenger on Arrow, a café patron on The Flash and a cop on Backstrom. I had set a very specific goal this week of communicating with as many industry people as I possibly can. I focused all of my energy on starting to build relationships with anyone who would make eye contact with me. I have begun to keep a notebook of everyone I meet, how I know them, their skill background and any advice they have for me. I managed to interact with over 10 people in 1 week which is a number I am very proud of. Outside of the professional realm, I am also hoping that some of these people will become my friends.

Before I sign off I just wanted to give a huge shout out to my amazing godmother, my Aunt Jane. This incredible woman has read and commented on all of my blog posts. This lady is so many things to me and I love that she supports my dream and isn’t afraid to put me in check. Sassy, smart and kind (and an absolutely brilliant quilter I might add). Thanks Aunt Jane, you rock!

Athlete Inspired


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