Working hard at not working

October 2014

Hey there,

Many people have asked me what I do in a week. Not having a typical 40 hour-a-week job anymore has left some of my friends curious as to how I am avoiding homelessness, insanity and boredom while inching my way closer to my goals of being a stunt performer. Here is a rough sketch of what I did this week:


  • 1.5 hours of urban exploration, parkour on rails with my friend
  • 4.5 hours of gymnastics coaching
  • 2.0 hours gymnastics training at Delta gym (floor tumbling, handstand tricks, ninja kicks and some goofing around on the exercise balls)


  • 13 hours on set for a tv series, Motive (1 hour of stretching, many hours of sitting and eating)


  • 2.5 hours of circus training – maintenance day (1.0 hours of conditioning on the bars / straps, 0.5 hours of technical training and 1.0 of flexibility)
  • 5.0 hours of work on my laptop at a café (updating my acting profile, sending copious emails to people in the stunt industry / hoping for at least 1 reply back, managing my part of my friends and my website business, writing my blog)
  • a few hours of absolutely nothing productive (aka. Watching Netflix)


  • 3.0 hours of circus training (1.0 hours of core & handstand conditioning, 1.5 hours of technical practice on Chinese pole, 0.5 flexibility work on my splits)
  • 3.0 hours of work (created an account on to be submitted for commercials, picked music for my pole circus act)
  • 2.5 hours of parkour training at Origins gym (diving kong / vaults, wallruns & climb ups)


  • 2.5 hours of circus training (1.0 hours of bar conditioning, 1.0 hours of technical training on the circus silks, 0.5 flexibility training)
  • 8.0 hours on the set of Supernatural


  • 2.0 hours of parkour training at Origins gym (worked on height jumps, 9’ wall runs, bar release moves)
  • 1.0 hour boxing lesson with the former Australian female champion (she’s intense)
  • 3.0 hours of acro dance coaching


  • 8.0 hours of gymnastics coaching
  • many hours of relaxing on my couch recovering

And that about sums up a typically week of work / training. It is all over the place – 9-5ers need not apply or follow.



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