Special skills gig and amped up training


Hey There,

Such wonderful news. I got my first SAE (special skills) job on a movie set last week. Now before you go getting too excited. My “special skill” was holding a video camera (yup, holding a heavy piece of technology is considered a special skill) and I didn’t even end up having to hold one. The money was so much better than normal “background” work so I am not complaining in the least. Just another little step closer to my first stunt gig.

I celebrated this awesome week with a glorious 24 hours up in Whistler with a friend that I will call Cool Dude (cause that’s what he is). Fondue, smores, night strolls in the rain (glass of wine in hand) one day, a short hike through a lush, green trail around ancient cedar trees (around 1000 years old) and a solid session at the Scandinavian spa the next day. Seriously though, this spa was like nothing I had ever been to before. In addition to a eucalyptus steam room, cedar sauna, outdoor hot tubs and cold plunge pools, the entire compound is cell phone free and silent. After a few hours there, I came out a completely relaxed and refreshed person. I don’t know if it was the spa or the company but I was so calm by Sunday evening that I had great difficulty training at the gymnastics club.

This week was all about getting back into my training regime and connecting with industry people. I have been in Vancouver for just over 4 months and I feel like I’m on the right track but I could be doing more. The next few things on my to-do list are:

  • book a photographer for new headshots
  • organize a photo shoot for my action shots (stunt portfolio)
  • pick music for my next circus routine
  • find an apartment to move into January 1st (my current accomodations are wonderful but I am in need of a little more space than a Murphy bed and a 1m wide closet)
New move on the aerial straps -  solid combination of strength and flexibility

New move on the aerial straps – solid combination of strength and flexibility

This week, my training totaled:

Monday – 3.0 hours of circus (silks routine)

Tuesday – 2.5 hours of circus (straps / hand balancing)

Wednesday – 3.0 hours circus (aerial hoop / silks), 2.0 hours parkour (rails / dive rolls)

Thursday – 1.5 hours circus (bar conditioning / aerial silks), 2.5 hours of acro (mini-trampoline tricks)

Friday – 2.5 hours of parkour (height training, kongs, filming)

Saturday – 9.0 hours of coaching

Sunday – 2.0 hours of stunt fighting (samurai & kali sticks), 2.0 hours of gymnastics / tumbling

Above I attached my monthly parkour progress video. My Team Tryforce training partner had the idea to track our training during the winter months and I like the idea of holding myself accountable to regular training. Speaking of which…gotta go train.




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  1. Hi Andrea – glad to be back in the wordpress loop – love the new look and the photo of you at the top is great. Looking forward to seeing you in Dec. (I’m hoping). Lots of love, Aunt Jane p.s. – don’t forget to bring extra t-shirts!


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