Cali sun, training fun

Hey There,

My least favourite thing in the world is when someone promises me they will do something / go somewhere with me and then bail at the last minute (or were never capable of making such a promise in the first place). It seriously drives me wild. I’m not talking about the acquaintance who throw’s out the “we should grab coffee sometime”, or the “let’s totally meet up for acro yoga” statements. We should all know that those tend to be fruitless invitations and any follow through is a bonus (or an acquaintance who should be bumped up to friend status). I’m talking about the “let’s meet in insert city from insert specific dates” or “I’m booking my tickets tomorrow to visit you insert specific dates” person who waits until you’ve either booked your plane ticket or turned down an equally exciting invitation, from someone who will actually follow through, to cancel on you (and never with an understandable excuse or rationale).

I’ve learned a valuable lesson with regards to these people and avoiding the devastating disappointment that can follow. You have two options: 1) disregard these invitations all together and make your own plans (and in the event that they do follow through and your schedule is somehow empty, great), or 2) give yourself and them a deadline to send you proof of executing such plans and if / when nothing appears in your inbox, proceed to make your own plans. Life is too short to miss out on a great adventure. As long as you are able / comfortable traveling solo, my advice will not leave you disappointed.

Why this rant? Because, this exact scenario is what landed me on a 4-day escape to the sunny beaches and hills of Los Angeles. I chose option 2 and this will be the first trip to LA sans friends. I will meet up with some parkour and circus people in the city, I’ll run and read on the beach, and I’ll enjoy some quality solo time. Introspection here we come! Never a bad thing when it’s sandwiched by a morning surfing session and an evening training session at the famous Temptest Freerunning Academy.



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