Team Tryforce is born!

Hey There

OK so the motivational fire is still burning from my trip to LA. The day I landed back in Vancouver I was reunited with my TryForce Team mates. These ladies are some of the most talented traceuses in North America. Not to mention that they are an absolute blast to hang around. We rendezvoused in Vancouver to film our first video project. We share a common goal of increasing female parkour content in order to educate and inspire other people (women in particular) to try parkour.

Our reunion began with a parkour competition, which is always fun for me. Not that I’m a competitive person at all (insert extremely sarcastic tone and eye roll here). Thankfully, parkour is an activity where competitions do not bring out the neurotic side of me that other sports like gymnastics, wrestling, track & field did.

This competition was held indoors and included 3 events: a skills portion, a speed course and a freestyle event. To be honest, I was hesitant about competing in front of my peers because then I would have to face the reality of where my injuries, and training are at. I worked in the morning and at the last minute, I decided to suck it up and approach the competition as a well attended, intense practice.

There were so many ladies who came out to compete as well. Incredible energy! Everyone was cheering on everyone else, it was impossible not to enjoy participating. I ended up 2nd place in the speed course and I won the freestyle competition which was very cool. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am really glad I went and it was a great start to a weekend with my Team.

Over the next 4 days we went around various locations in Vancouver and through as many lines and tricks together as the limited sunshine would allow us to film. Our bodies ached and stress levels were a little high as we had to get a lot done in such a small amount of time. On the last night we went to the local community centre for some hot tub time. The video will be edited through January and one of the girls on our team designed the opening and the logo. All of this female parkour talk and time has reignited my desire to spread my varkour movement across Canada and beyond.

Stay tuned.

Athlete Inspired


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