My first stunt audition

Holy smokes batman! This week I had my very first stunt audition! It is the first real indicator of progress because the only way that I found out about it was from people in the stunt community. If take this as a sign that I have not scared my new friends away and that I am a total b*tch. I had 24 hours to prepare for the audition that could have us doing anytrhing and everything. The only thing I did know about it was that it played to my parkour strengths.

I was so nervous and excited the morning of that I couldnt’ t eat breakfast or drink any coffee. I got there extra early and warmed up thoroughly. Apparently this was not your typical audition, which sucks because I had so much fun. The 40+ other people there were high energy, the stunt coordinator was very nice and the skills he asked of us were things I had already done hundreds of times. 

Was I the best there? no. Was I the best female there? no. Was I close? I definitely think so. What did I learn from this experience after having some time to recap?

– there is a fine balance between demonstrating what the coordinators want and standing out from the rest of the crowd (I would’ve taken more of a risk with some of my skills)

– shut up and listen

– anything goes….anything (it just might not be what they’re looking for but everyone is still supportive)

– networking 101: Introduce yourself at the beginning, thank them for their time at the end (facetime in this industry is key)

– a smile and positive attitude go frickin far (well that’s still to be determined as I am yet to get a call back…)

I had so much fun at that audition that I was not prepared for my commercial callback. We were in and out before I even realized I wasn’t in a gym anymore. So there it is, just as you are getting a little frustrated with your journey, something small but great enough happens to refresh your passion.

Athlete Inspired


Travelling: Close calls and new nephews

Family day long weekend brought me out to Toronto to meet the newest member of my family, my little 8-pound  nephew. To make it into the company of this handsome young man, I first had to make it onto the plane. This proved to be a more difficult and expensive task then most are accustomed to. After squeezing in a full circus practice, running a couple of errands, I circled back to my place to finally pack. My initial plan to leave with a couple of hours to spare so that I may transit to the airport and avoid paying for over-priced parking. Then along came this thing called Netflix. 

Binge watching is a serious problem folks. By the time I had the ability to turn off my tv I had no choice but to drive and park at the Park’N Fly. That was until traffic left me only 40 minutes, leaving me no option but to park in the over priced, $30 (because we know you’re in a rush and will pay whatever it takes to be able to run to the terminal) a day lot. The only thing that got me onto that flight was my Nexus card. Damn you 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. 

And then the moment that my nephew was placed into my arms, all of the travel induced adrenaline melted away. Any mom could tell that the feeling of holding your own flesh and blood is incredibly wonderful and amazing. Well holding your sibling’s child is a close second. I don’t think I have ever felt so calm as I did with that little guy in the crook of my elbow. 

Complete sidebar but I had to include this picture in my post cause it is too hilarious. The family went out for lunch and my brother and father show up, independently wearing the exact same thing. The result of nature and nurture  combined and amplified. 

So I got some quality family time in and had to jet back to Vancouver for work. I have been flying between Ontario and Calgary for almost 12 years. So when a flight from TOronto to Calgary was boarding at the gate right beside the one bound for Vancouver, I went from being first in line to board (the Calgary flight) to last in line to board the Vancouver flight. I was so confused as to where home was that it took me one whole in-flight movie and a cold beer to figure it out. Talk about auto-pilot gone wrong.

Athlete Inspired

I’m an Auntie – Oh Yeah!!!

Hey There,

I am so happy to announce that I am officially an auntie! All of these wonderful years of playing the distant but loving role of pseudo-Aunt Andrea to my favourite peoples’ sons and daughters. Just looking at the picture my sister sent me, her little man not more than 36 hours old, brought me tears. Of gratitude, of hope. Hope that I get to share the love and guidance with this little prince that I want to. Personally, I am not set on whether I want to or should have children of my own. Not a question to answer while on a quest for selfish glory. But being an aunt – how freaking cool is that! I wonder if I will be the cool, independent aunt who exposes one to adventure, the wise and witty aunt who supports and guides or the aunt who is far away but close in spirit as there are so many commonalities between you? I have been fortunate to have all of these. Guaranteed I will not be a boring aunt.

Such good news came during a week of being on an emotional roller coaster: down with facing the cost of selling my condo, up with moving into my own space for a coupel of months, down with not being able to shower any place other than a community centre for the week, up with the return of the appraisal on my condo, down with the $2000 of auto repairs that slapped me while getting a mandatory provincial inspection, the accelerated rush with the arrival of my nephew, the dizzying effect of coaching too many extra hours in a the span of 8 days, the build up of excitement after having multiple promising auditions and the sudden hault at the end of the week when you run out of energy and the only thing your body is capable of doing is watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix and enjoying one (maybe three) glasses of wine.

I got to enjoy kick boxing classes, my first Jiu-Jitsu lesson, a hilarious session at the parkour gym with some ridiculously fun people and a motivating catch up session with a new but old friend. Just a few other notables among the smattering of highs and lows that is life. I’m lying in bed typing this because I can’t sleep until I get it all out and onto digital, proverbial paper. Tomorrow morning (which will already have happened by the time I post this thing) I’m going to wake up early, pack up my stuff that has sustained me these passed 6 months and make the next move. I am already missing the wonderful couple that have shared their home with me since last summer. They let me move in without event meeting me first, they made me feel like a part of their family and they supported my journey in such a profound way that I don’t want to leave. It didn’t hurt that they had an adorable dog. The wife and I watched Eat Pray Love tonight, my last night, and perhaps that is causing me to be so “namaste-like”.

Theme of the week: gratitude. Things will work themselves out if you do the work to stay on the roller coaster of life. Enjoy the little highs smattered within the crappy lows. Straight, flat rides are boring and far from memorable.