My first stunt audition

Holy smokes batman! This week I had my very first stunt audition! It is the first real indicator of progress because the only way that I found out about it was from people in the stunt community. If take this as a sign that I have not scared my new friends away and that I am a total b*tch. I had 24 hours to prepare for the audition that could have us doing anytrhing and everything. The only thing I did know about it was that it played to my parkour strengths.

I was so nervous and excited the morning of that I couldnt’ t eat breakfast or drink any coffee. I got there extra early and warmed up thoroughly. Apparently this was not your typical audition, which sucks because I had so much fun. The 40+ other people there were high energy, the stunt coordinator was very nice and the skills he asked of us were things I had already done hundreds of times. 

Was I the best there? no. Was I the best female there? no. Was I close? I definitely think so. What did I learn from this experience after having some time to recap?

– there is a fine balance between demonstrating what the coordinators want and standing out from the rest of the crowd (I would’ve taken more of a risk with some of my skills)

– shut up and listen

– anything goes….anything (it just might not be what they’re looking for but everyone is still supportive)

– networking 101: Introduce yourself at the beginning, thank them for their time at the end (facetime in this industry is key)

– a smile and positive attitude go frickin far (well that’s still to be determined as I am yet to get a call back…)

I had so much fun at that audition that I was not prepared for my commercial callback. We were in and out before I even realized I wasn’t in a gym anymore. So there it is, just as you are getting a little frustrated with your journey, something small but great enough happens to refresh your passion.

Athlete Inspired


Call backs and Christmas tours

Hey There,

I go my first call back! In the auditioning world it’s like making the finals at a track and field meet. With less than a days notice I had to research the part, make a small video of myself and get interviewed by 3 people at the same time. You get one shot to show them you have what they want. It’s a little bit of guess work, a little bit skill and a lot of luck.

Shortly after my second audition and before I began my whirlwind Christmas tour I finished up my latest parkour progression training video. I have already noticed an improvement in some of my movements and how much more comfortable I am with heights and connecting certain skills. January’s video will probably include much more conditioning as I embrace the origins of parkour in 2015. 

Now for my logistical masterpiece which was my whirlwind Christmas tour. Let me premise this paragraph with the fact that I really enjoyed seeing all of my favourite people but man, I banked some serious miles. In a mere 14 days, I managed to fly, train and drive to Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver before I fly to Florida for a week. Yes, I covered that many cities in that amount of time and yes, my body completely crashed from the travel induced stress. I am typing this while swaddled in a quilt my aunt made for me, with a scarf wrapped around my neck, popping DayQuil, sipping specialty tea and running through a box of tissues a day. Good times.

My sister and I at the Ottawa train station

My sister and I at the Ottawa train station

Christmas came and went pretty quickly, with all of it’s usual joys, familial duties, social pressures, over eating, traditional fun and thoughtful gifts. My trip highlights include falling down the escalator at the Ottawa train station (I really want to get the security footage that captured my one suitcase sliding into me, knocking my feet and other bags down the moving escalator and my jumping for the hand rails an instant before almost rolling headfirst down the finals steps. The porters who carried my bags out to the train car were very compassionate and did not laugh at me too heartedly), running in a tank top and toque Christmas eve (it was 8 degree celcius) and setting off coloured smoke grenades in a wintery field before new years.

Christmas running attire...

Christmas running attire…

Never a dull moment and always an adventure. As I sit here and nurse my low immune system, I will set my goals for 2015. Stay tuned and happy new year!