My first stunt audition

Holy smokes batman! This week I had my very first stunt audition! It is the first real indicator of progress because the only way that I found out about it was from people in the stunt community. If take this as a sign that I have not scared my new friends away and that I am a total b*tch. I had 24 hours to prepare for the audition that could have us doing anytrhing and everything. The only thing I did know about it was that it played to my parkour strengths.

I was so nervous and excited the morning of that I couldnt’ t eat breakfast or drink any coffee. I got there extra early and warmed up thoroughly. Apparently this was not your typical audition, which sucks because I had so much fun. The 40+ other people there were high energy, the stunt coordinator was very nice and the skills he asked of us were things I had already done hundreds of times. 

Was I the best there? no. Was I the best female there? no. Was I close? I definitely think so. What did I learn from this experience after having some time to recap?

– there is a fine balance between demonstrating what the coordinators want and standing out from the rest of the crowd (I would’ve taken more of a risk with some of my skills)

– shut up and listen

– anything goes….anything (it just might not be what they’re looking for but everyone is still supportive)

– networking 101: Introduce yourself at the beginning, thank them for their time at the end (facetime in this industry is key)

– a smile and positive attitude go frickin far (well that’s still to be determined as I am yet to get a call back…)

I had so much fun at that audition that I was not prepared for my commercial callback. We were in and out before I even realized I wasn’t in a gym anymore. So there it is, just as you are getting a little frustrated with your journey, something small but great enough happens to refresh your passion.

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