Gem Alberta and one last big move

For those of you who have read some of my previous posts about moving, you will understand how long and drawn out this process has been. Well, what’s one more moving story. This one is hopefully the last for a while as this particular adventure concludes with all of my stuff (minus a sofabed) being in one location for the first time in 9 months.

I flew to calgary and got upgraded to a sweet rental car. From there I drove out into the middle of nowhere to a town called Gem. Possibly named for it’s beauty, which it has some. More likely named for it being as small difficult to find as a precious stone. If you blink while driving, you pass right through it. What brought me out to this part of the prairies you might ask. A real gem. My good friend from university who has found bliss in the countryside with the man of her dreams and a puppy who has paw-printed every piece of clothing I brought with me.

This wonderful friend of mine brought be out to be the guest speaker at the women’s provincial A1 championships for Basketball. To be honest, before I showed up to the banquet I had no idea what the event was, how many people were going to be there or what they wanted out of my speech. Not the best planning by someone who is very nervous when speaking to large crowds. ANyways, I shared my  experiences in sport and tried to impart how beneficial staying in sport after high school is. Whether or not I made an impact, let alone made any sense, these girls were wonderful. They listened, they danced, they sang, they laughed and I felt very fortunate to share this experience with them.

I don’t get to see this friend very often, and I miss her and her baking like mad so it was so great to catch up. Seriously, this lady baked all of the cupcakes for her own wedding. She always has some sort of delicious treat at the ready. THe visit and the baked goods served as an excellent distraction from driving a uHaul filled with the remaining wordly possessions I have, all the way to Vancouver.

The journey was pretty smooth. My couch did not make it. As in, didn’t even make it out of my condo. Officiallly a house warming present to whomever purchases my place. We lost a DVD tower en route and I managed to snap a metal IKEA storage frame when I muscled the uHaul door open upon my arrival in Vancouver. I needed to downsize anyways. All in all a successful journey and now I can continue to settle into my not sonew home.



Cali sun, training fun

Hey There,

My least favourite thing in the world is when someone promises me they will do something / go somewhere with me and then bail at the last minute (or were never capable of making such a promise in the first place). It seriously drives me wild. I’m not talking about the acquaintance who throw’s out the “we should grab coffee sometime”, or the “let’s totally meet up for acro yoga” statements. We should all know that those tend to be fruitless invitations and any follow through is a bonus (or an acquaintance who should be bumped up to friend status). I’m talking about the “let’s meet in insert city from insert specific dates” or “I’m booking my tickets tomorrow to visit you insert specific dates” person who waits until you’ve either booked your plane ticket or turned down an equally exciting invitation, from someone who will actually follow through, to cancel on you (and never with an understandable excuse or rationale).

I’ve learned a valuable lesson with regards to these people and avoiding the devastating disappointment that can follow. You have two options: 1) disregard these invitations all together and make your own plans (and in the event that they do follow through and your schedule is somehow empty, great), or 2) give yourself and them a deadline to send you proof of executing such plans and if / when nothing appears in your inbox, proceed to make your own plans. Life is too short to miss out on a great adventure. As long as you are able / comfortable traveling solo, my advice will not leave you disappointed.

Why this rant? Because, this exact scenario is what landed me on a 4-day escape to the sunny beaches and hills of Los Angeles. I chose option 2 and this will be the first trip to LA sans friends. I will meet up with some parkour and circus people in the city, I’ll run and read on the beach, and I’ll enjoy some quality solo time. Introspection here we come! Never a bad thing when it’s sandwiched by a morning surfing session and an evening training session at the famous Temptest Freerunning Academy.


That’s a wrap…to wedding season


That’s my buddy Matt. Good friends since Grade 10 math class

Hey There,

So I survived my last wedding of the season. I have been everything from a bridesmaid, to a ceremonial leader to a general attendee. I have enjoyed all the weddings this year but this one was a great one to end on. No stress, super organized, great people, packed dance floor and an open bar. Need I say more.

Another quick trip back to Ontario to witness my very good friend from high school marry one of the coolest chicks ever. I am very fortunate to be friends with both the bride and the groom so when it came time to decide what side of the wedding party to stand with, it came down to one simple fact. The bride-to-be is a talented fashion designer and was making all of her bridesmaids’  dresses. The desire to break with tradition and rock a suit and tie with the other groomsmen was quickly trumped by the potential for a one of a kind fashion design. It has proved to be the only bridesmaid dress that I will truly wear again.

The bride and her 3 original designs

The bride and her 3 original designs

I made my social rounds as best I could before the big day. Squeezing in some quality time the fam, lunches with aunts, tea with former cross country coaches, and some serious hang time with my sister and my soon-to-be nephew. But when it was game time, I was ready. I was focused. Manicures and pedicures, rehearsal dinners with a ton of people whom I have never met before, early morning hair appointments, last minute ceremony details, and fancy make-up (which I could never replicate even after giving it 10,000 hours).

One of the most enjoyable parts of this wedding was the photoshoot. This photographer was hilarious and let us be ridiculous. It didn’t seem to matter much that the snow had begun to fall for the first time. We posed and reposed. I even got to strategically climb a tree for one of the group photos. The next most entertaining moment was my wedding party partner’s attempt at a dirty dancing lift during our reception walk-in. Let’s just say that I thought I made an excellent Patrick Swayze.

I returned to Vancouver exhausted but so very happy for two of my favourite people. I am ready to get back into intensive training until the Christmas break. Gotta rest up for the 2015 wedding season.

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