Fear of failure…just another road block to success

How often do we fail at something before we start trying?  The times I most regret in sport, work and life are the opportunities I do not seize out of fear of failure or fear of what others may think. Great things await those who only fail when they give up.

Found this great article on Lifehacker that helps breakdown the barriers of “Taking the Plunge” and pursuing your passion. I lived this journey first hand when I went from my 9-5 plus some evenings and weekends career, to packing up my car and pursuing my passion for stunts.

The three strategies that Ash Read offered up were integral to my journey being a successful one. First off, I had to change my perception of failure and embrace that my version of success was going to take time, detours and some amount of ‘failure’. Secondly, I found myself a mentor. Well she found me but either way I was guided and supported by a very wise woman (big shout out to Amber Wright). Lastly, I broke my main goal down into doable chunks so that every little win was a reason to celebrate and the whole damn thing seemed less intimidating.

Basically, I grabbed life by the #ladybalz and it left me shooting the double guns. Take that fear of failure! Now you try it.




Goals (and not the hockey or soccer kind)

Coloured smoke grenades to ring in the new year

Coloured smoke grenades to ring in the new year

Hey there,
Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I rang in the new year with a cold. That didn’t stop me from setting off fireworks and coloured smoke grenades in s field.  Just a typical day in Winnipeg, MB (one of the 7 cities I visited in the 13 days I was travelling).
Sitting on yet another plane, bound for sunny Florida I am pondering my goals for this year. I am a little intense when it comes to goal setting every year. I recap last year’s goals (see how many of them I made, how close I came and try to determine what factors possibly inhibited my ticking off a checkmark beside a certain goal) before I breakout my large square piece of paper that will hold this years goals. I break my goals down to 5 categories: social, work, financial, physical, personal and each category usually holds between 2-6 goals. All of them are quantifiable, all of them could be completed within a year and only some of them are either ridiculously attainable or ridiculously far fetched. Told you I don’t mess around.
The years I tick off more than half of my goals I consider to be a good solid year. Recent years that made the cut are definitely 2014, 2013, 2011 and 2008. All of these years were centered around big life decisions that resulted in big rewards. As for 2012, 2010 and 2009, I have put them in the “year of growth” category. Don’ t ask. Unless you want to and then I’ll tell you.
This year my goals will focus on my continued pursuit towards a career in stunts. Those goals will encompass almost all of my 5 categories. I always have the goal of travelling to a new country every year. Last year was Norway, this year who knows. In addition, I want to devote more time to a company I co-founded called AthleteConnect.
A very wise and fit friend of mine refuses to make new years resolutions. He has a multitude of good reasons for this, though I don’t necessarily agree. But something he recently Tweeted made an impact on me. He said “this year get moving, get active, make revolutions (on your bike), not resolutions”. I like it. Don’t make grand proclamations or promises of weight loss, healthier eating, etc. Just get active!
You never know until the year has wrapped up but I have a very good feeling about 2015. Either way I will be getting in many a revolution (and not the Che Guevara kind).
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